Illustrating for a Cause

D'Angelo, a young pit bull, was neglected, starved and left for dead. He was able to survive this horrific abuse because of his kindness, strength and will to live. Follow D’Angelo’s rags-to-riches story—from his rescue by the New York Bully Crew to the wonderful life he lives today. He is now happy and healthy in his “furever” home, along with three “fursisters” and the rest of his loving family.
Inspired by gratitude, D’Angelo and his family seek to reverse common negative stereotypes of the pit bull breed by training him to become a Therapy Touch dog and sharing their story. They hope to make a difference, giving other pit bulls a chance to experience a beautiful transformation like D’Angelo’s.
I'm thrilled to have illustrated this book and feel grateful to be part of such an important project.
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“The perfect children’s book to help educate about the full circle of animal rescue. Follow D’Angelo’s story from his life of abuse to being adopted by his loving forever family.”

—Evander Holyfield, Five-time boxing heavyweight champion of the world